Services & Rates

Online Training

1 Month: $125

Now offering online training!!

As your online fitness coach I will be with you 100% of the way and devoting 100% of my time to you dream. If you have any questions don't ever hesitate to ask. It is my job to assist you on your fitness journey to reach your peak of greatness! 

 You will receive weekly workouts and nutrition advice. Every week we will go over your workouts and check on your progress to make sure everything is going to plan or if there's anything we need to change so we can keep you on track with your fitness goals. 


Personal Training

1 hour: $40


With personal training you get 10 sessions as a package which is equivalent to two months and a half of training for the price of 8 Sessions. The package price is $320  but don't worry your payment will be broken up into 3 easy payments of $106  .There is also a one time $20 contract fee/liability which covers you and me in case of injury.


There are some wonderful benefits such as discounts! If you loved the program and got the results you were looking for and wanted to continue to enjoy more training sessions you will get 10% off your whole training package. For referrals you get an extra 5% off. If they decide to sign up and join you receive a total of 15% off in savings. Starting August 1, I will be conducting free group classes every Saturday at Hoffman park Madison Heights Michigan during the month of August the class are restricted for clients only but they are allowed to bring one guest.

Additional information:

 For all of the forms you need to get us started just click the helpful forms tab. if you're on IOS or ANDROID it will be located in the more tab. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me at